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Questions and Answers About Selling Your Home For Cash

We know how stressful selling a home can be. We want to do what we can to lessen the anxiety and clear up some of the confusion for you.

Cash 2 Close FAQ


  • Will you actually buy my house, or do you intend to wholesale it to someone else?
    We absolutely will buy your house. We are not wholesalers. Many people in this business do not have the financial means or desire to complete the purchase of your house and make the improvements necessary to sell it to an end-buyer who will pay top dollar. We will actually purchase your house and make improvements before selling it.
  • Why should I sell my house to you instead of a different cash homebuyer?
    Our promise to you is that this process will be as simple and straightforward as we can possibly make it. As an owner of investment properties, we receive communication from other homebuyers. In our experience, they have not been easy to deal with. We understand your time is valuable and so we will act quickly and precisely to make your life easier. We also do not play games like making a large offer to “tie up the contract”, only to nickel-and-dime you after an inspection.
  • Will you do an inspection of my house before completing the purchase?
    That depends. It is our preference to obtain an inspection. This allows us to make an informed decision about the house based on items that may not be identifiable during the process of making an offer. If you would prefer to not allow an inspection, then we will simply take that into account when making our offer. When we do utilize an inspection (pursuant to the agreement), it would not be for the purpose of negotiating a lower purchase price. Rather, it might help us determine if we are not the correct buyer for your house.
  • What if I do not immediately have anywhere to move to?
    Although not our preferred method of purchase, we will consider what is known as a Sale-Leaseback. This means that you would sell the house to us, but could still retain possession of the house – as a tenant – for a mutually agreeable period of time and at an agreeable amount of rent. In this scenario, you might receive much needed cash from the sale while still having a place to reside.
  • What if I want to sell quickly, but do not have the time or resources to deal with my belongings?
    Every situation that comes our way is an opportunity to find a positive solution for both sides. There should be no reason why we could not work out a deal in this scenario. First, we could hire a moving company for you. We could also help rent out a storage unit if you did not have an immediate use for the items. If you are done with the belongings, then you can simply leave them behind.