Cash 2 Close Terms of Service

Welcome to Cash 2 Close’s website and home buying services! By using our website or requesting a cash offer, you indicate agreement to the following terms:

Home Buying Services

Cash 2 Close provides fast, seamless cash purchases of residential properties. To receive an offer, homeowners must submit accurate details on property condition, liens, taxes, location, and ownership status. Incorrect data can void offers if undisclosed issues materially impact home value.

Offer Process
After gathering property details, Cash 2 Close prepares a fair market value offer subject to confirmation of provided details. There is no obligation to accept an offer, but false representation of home condition or financial status may invalidate offers if significant, unreported facts emerge.

Accepted Offers
Once an offer is accepted, Cash 2 Close will begin validating all submitted property details immediately. We retain right of refusal if undisclosed defects materially iumpact property value until the final sale closing is complete.

Use of Cash 2 Close Services
Requesting a Cash 2 Close offer constitutes understanding and agreement to these terms of service. Account misrepresentation or providing false data may forfeit offer eligibility at company discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Governing Law
Any agreements entered into by accepting a Cash 2 Close offer will be interpreted under Iowa state law where our headquarters resides.

Cash 2 Close reserves right to update these terms as needed. Continued use of our offers/services after changes indicates consent.

Get in Touch
Use our Contact Page to reach out with any website or terms of use questions! We strive for a seamless, transparent home buying experience.

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